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Your Larynx is Showing

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Illustrations from a medical journal, rendered by F. Netter MD for CIBA Pharmaceuticals Division, 1964.


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larynx01 larynx2 larynx03 larynx04

larynx05larynx06 larynx07 larynx08

larynx09 larynx10larynx11larynx12

larynx13 larynx14 larynx15



2007, April 19 - Posted by | 1960's, Archive, human anatomy, illustrations, medical


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  2. In my senior year of college, I found out I had vocal nodules. This very nice and sweet doctor put a camera through my nose, and down my throat. He anesthetized my nose and throat first, but it was a bit uncomfortable. It was really cool seeing my throat on the monitor though! The doctor was so nice. Basically you get them from being a loud ass party animal like I was. Also, from my sinus problems, I did a lot of breathing through my mouth and didn’t even realize it until after my sinus surgery. POINT -I found the above booklet on the larynx on the sidewalk, a few blocks down from my apartment, a few days after my nose throat cam procedure. Ah, memories of college.

    Comment by ultradevotion | 2007, May 3

  3. Comment by Aristan | 2007, May 14

  4. It is very hard to find thes (Now) rare drawings by Netter. If you can find his anatomy book, it is very expensive. I am currently taking a class on the anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanisms, and Netter’s book is on reserve at the linrary. for the classs to view. But this is so much better, because now I have my own personal set of pictures of the structures I need to memorize. Thank you so much for making these available on-line.



    Comment by Lynell Miller | 2007, October 13

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