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Tai Chi, anyone?

I woke up with a stiff neck this morning. It may have stemmed from having left the window open the night before, but I hypothesize that my muscular system is rebelling against its autocratic overlord. Since I haven’t played sports or ran to catch a bus for the better part of ten years, I can’t honestly say I’ve put my body to great use.

Perhaps that is why I marvel at these photos from book called Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain — the essence of Tai Chi by Al Chun-liang Huang. The Martial Arts, such as Tai Chi, have always intrigued me, not so much because of their amazing display of the human form and all its miraculous abilities. I am more impressed by the fact that whether you have just taken your first Tai Chi class at a local civics center with a group of retirees or you are a Tai Chi Master living in a monastery during the seventeenth century, its still considered “practice.”


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Repotext’d — Feast for the Eyes

Shannon Vavrinchik has sent another Repotext’d picture. It reminds me of Terry Gilliam‘s early animation work on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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