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What life was like for the other half

Portions of a Soviet-era, Russian Textbook.


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.soviet_text01 soviet_text02 soviet_text03 soviet_text05

soviet_text04  soviet_text06 soviet_text07 soviet_text08

soviet_text09 soviet_text10 soviet_text11 soviet_text12

 soviet_text13 soviet_text14




2007, April 30 - Posted by | Archive, illustrations, Soviet Union, Textbook, World History


  1. Thanks Tony. You have a keen eye for kitsch.

    Comment by repotext | 2007, April 30

  2. life for the other half is nothing compared to where america is….and headed….dooomed we are doomed!!!!

    Comment by youglow | 2007, May 1

  3. […] From What life was like for the other half […]

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  4. communism was more colorful in their books and periodicals than in everyday life. The colors and graphic design though “popped” as they say, perhaps because they are exotic to our capitalist eyes?

    Comment by Tony Skaggs | 2007, May 2

  5. It just goes to show, you can take the art out of propaganda, but you can’t take the propaganda out of art …or wait, is it the other way around?

    Comment by repotext | 2007, May 2

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