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2007, May 1 - Posted by | 1970's, alcohol, Archive, recipes, Wine & Spirits


  1. In this instance, I do not mind taking credit for acquiring this piece. It takes a special person to see a pile of books roped up in the garbage area, and to immediately enter that garbage area, in daylight with onlookers, and take the books.
    It seems to me an old woman passed away, and some idiot through out her amazing colllection of books. Have they heard of a thrift store? I am glad they didn’t. This awesome lady who in my mind is named Phyllis, had such amazing books, and this was in the back of one of them. Mint. As well as the Chunky Soup book. Phyllis, wherever you are, thank you for your archiving!

    Comment by ultradevotion | 2007, May 2

  2. Yes, and to all the Phyllis’s (or Phyllisai?) of the world, thank you. Your are the silent heroes who accompany us through this cultural odyssey, which we call ‘progress.’

    Comment by repotext | 2007, May 2

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